Stewardship and Leadership

Every penny of your coin donated to chariots of mercy foundation goes to benefit the children. All administrative and overhead costs are covered by private donations so 100% of your contribution will support direct program benefits. We commit to maximize the value of your contributions to help the needy children we serve and minimize any expense that does not directly provide benefit

We value your trust in us, and so we promise to keep confidential the identity of all contributions on our mailing lists. We do not rent, sell, or exchange these lists. We always strive to be responsible in our management, truthful in our advertising, and cost-effective in our fundraising

Comprehensive Development

Chariots of mercy foundation recognize the interlocking nature of development issues – that good health and education are all necessary features of sustainable communities. We acknowledge that a community that lacks any of these aspects will not be successful in the long term. With this in mind, chariots of mercy foundation commit to follow up single projects in a community (i.e. schools) with additional programs (coordinated by chariots of mercy foundation or in partnership with other groups) that are aimed at comprehensive development. Additional projects will be undertaken within a reasonable timeframe and where necessary. Our efforts are most effective when there is a deep penetration into the interlocking aspects of a family and community, rather than a broader but shallower approach.


Chariots of mercy foundation affirm the need to compensate for existing inequities by making a conscious effort to support the African child in our programs. The ravages of poverty continue to afflict many, but all of us should be concerned with the alarming feminization of poverty. Chariots of mercy will continue to advocate for the African child.


Chariots of mercy foundation accepts funding from private and public sources, including individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments. We will NOT accept any funding, however, that would entail or imply the compromising of the principles of our organization.

Fiscal Responsibility

Chariots of mercy foundation uses 100 percent of its donations on direct program benefits. We accomplish this by soliciting private donations to cover administrative costs and other overhead.

In keeping with our policy of using our funds as effectively as possible, we will, wherever possible, spend resources within the countries where we are facilitating development. We will, however, maintain quality and effectiveness as our highest priorities.

Chariots of mercy foundation also pledges to give high priority to programs that make use of labor-intensive technologies, in order to facilitate a wider and more equitable distribution of income, while maximizing benefit to the local economy.

In all its fiscal decisions, chariots of mercy foundation is committed to extending comprehensive, long-term benefit to the widest possible number of children, within a community framework.


Chariots of mercy foundation affirm the need to remain involved with and/or partner with other non-governmental organizations to facilitate the accomplishment of its development objectives. These associations are needed in order to ensure that appropriate levels of knowledge and experience are brought to every aspect of chariots of mercy foundations projects.

We recognize that our development efforts cannot be successful in the long-term without advocating child-friendly and family-friendly national and international policy changes in Africa.