The chariots Scholarship Fund is an initiative of chariots of mercy foundation. The fund officially begun in 2014. The fund is managed by a Board of Trustees and is part of chariots of mercy engagement in Social Justice.

The student scholarship runs for 4 years and covers both high school and Tertiary education. The fund goes beyond the academic and focuses on mentorship and character formation, empowering both the beneficiaries and their families to be agents of change in their communities.


The chariots scholarship Fund is designed to “Educate for Life and Eternity “Through “SPARK”: Spiritual Wisdom: Physical Maturity, Academic Excellence, Relational Intelligence and l<community Impact and hopes to break the vicious cycle of poverty through Transformational Education.


It costs USD, 600 per year to sponsor a student through High School and USD 700 per year to sponsor a Tertiary scholar. The scholarship covers 100% of the school fees and also covers for mentorship and the scholars’ educational needs and welfare. Chariots of mercy foundation meet all the attendant administrative costs.


Mentorship – Each Scholar is assigned a mentor to walk with them through their time in the program. The scholars meet each holiday in a mentorship cohort. We target a ratio of 1 mentor to 4 scholars.

Holistic Approach – The program has adopted an approach that Endeavors to address the four spheres of life (spiritual, mental, socio—emotional and physical) in a balanced and holistic way.

Discipleship – The program intentionally points scholars to godly values and enables them develop and grow in their relationship with God.

 Parents — the program empowers and enables parents to remain the primary caregivers and the family remains the primary support structure for the scholar. The program seeks to work alongside the

Parents to bring up the scholars.

Internship – In the gap year after completing high school, the scholars undergo a residential internship program, which prepares them for college life through directed coaching, practical skills and inspirational experiences focused towards character formation. The scholars also undergo a job shadow Experience towards orientation to their respective careers.