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General FAQs

Chariots of mercy foundation DOES NOT have an orphanage. Our ministry focuses on coming alongside families in order to prevent children from becoming orphans. Oftentimes parents/guardians are forced to send children to an orphanage because they aren’t able to provide for their basic needs. Your partnership removes the heavy burden of tuition costs, daily meals, and medical care from parents/guardians and allows families to stay intact.

Your monthly partnership with chariots of mercy foundation will continue monthly until you contact us and let us know you’d like to make a change to your gift amount, frequency, or partnership. You can contact us by emailing or calling +254 725 767 327

Yes. In 2014 Ben and Ann established chariots of mercy foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent the law allows.

Scholarship Program FAQs

You will receive a welcome packet in the mail that includes more information about the impact of your partnership and a prayer card that highlights a child whose life is being changed because of your investment. You will also begin receiving an exclusive email update every month that highlights one of the students who is being impacted by your partnership.

Welcome packets are mailed from our stateside office within 2-4 weeks of your first donation via USPS. If you do not receive your packet within one month of your first gift, please contact us.

Chariots of mercy offers a “pooled” scholarship approach rather than a one-to-one model. The Scholarship Program is set up so that all gifts given are pooled together and distributed to over all students who have varying medical and tuition costs.

Your monthly partnership with Chariots of mercy foundation will continue monthly until you contact us and let us know you’d like to make a change to your gift amount, frequency, or partnership. You can contact us by emailing

A spotlighted child is a child in the Chariots of mercy foundation program whom our team in Kenya has chosen to introduce to you. These children range in age and have unique stories to share. Our hope is that our friends around the world will connect with our Kenyan friends more deeply as you learn about their daily lives. Allowing our in-country team to select these spotlighted stories empowers them to be a part of chariots of mercy foundation globally as they share with you the children that have touched their hearts. So, not only are you connecting with these spotlighted children but also with the hearts of our staff.

Everyone who partners with our scholarship program during the same week will receive information on the same spotlighted child. This child is representative of all children your partnership benefits!

What happens if you get enough partners to cover the expenses for all in your program? Is your program going add more children?

The cost of schooling in Kenya increases exponentially as students continue further down their educational path. Costs from primary to secondary can be as much as triple at some of the schools our children attend. Post-secondary only sees a greater increase. As an organization, we commit to supporting our students through university or vocational school, if they should choose that path. Therefore, a portion of each dollar is saved to cover the increased expense as the children in our program get older and further in their schooling.

We do not have a cap on our program. We are excited about the potential this new program has to make the logistical process of adding children much more manageable both in Kenya and Stateside. We will consistently be in prayer and will be obedient to the direction that God provides about the growth of the scholarship program.

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