Strong local leadership. Community involvement. Holistic approach.

Building on a foundation of indigenous staff, community leaders, and local resources, chariots of mercy foundation empowers community and vulnerable children to become socially, economically, and spiritually strong.


Together, we seek to connect our lives in partnership with community and vulnerable children who live in areas of high concentration of extreme poverty around Kenya Kenya.


Empowered community begin adopting other community members into their group, hiring others to work in their businesses, and giving back to their communities and churches.

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Phase  1

Children and community are inspired to dream about their future and their most urgent needs are met through grants, which help to generate sustainable income.

Phase  2

Leaders emerge and children / community flourish as young entrepreneurs – working together to build upon foundational principles learned in the first year.

Phase 3

Diversified businesses are created from ongoing micro-loans and holistic transformation takes place throughout entire communities.



Community and vulnerable children are identified through partnerships between chariots of mercy foundation in-country staff and community and local leaders.


Group Formation

Empowerment groups of 10-25 young people are formed comprised of 4-6 families whose eldest sibling is usually between the ages of 15-25. A chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer from among each group and an adult mentor is selected.



Local leaders volunteer to train children/ community in their desired vocation. They are taught about their rights and how to enforce them, they obtain birth certificates and land ownership disputes are resolved.


Dream Plan

The children / community engage in a powerful exercise, writing their vision for their lives on a “dream chart,” which inspires them to dream about their future for the first time in their lives.



Younger siblings are enrolled in school to pursue a formal education, and grants provide the funding for fees, uniforms, and school supplies.


Income Generation

Table banking grants and loans provide empowerment group members with access to capital. Self-reliance is achieved as young people meet their own needs and the needs of their siblings without outside support or intervention.


Child Rights

Children and community leaders learn about child rights and how to enforce them, ensuring all children are free from abuse, neglect discrimination, and exploitation.



Spiritual Wholeness

Group members continue to grow spiritually in community with others as they understand and experience God’s unconditional love, leaving behind former perceptions that God had abandoned or cursed them.


Giving Back

People give back to their community by employing, training, and adopting others. Personally, they are self-reliant, which motivates them to empower others.

We are chariots of mercy foundation we stand for

By the time our projects end after (what is typically) a three-year period, we expect the vast majority of farmers to be feeding their families and selling a surplus. They should be earning enough money to pay for their basic needs: education, better housing, food (when they can’t produce it themselves) and healthcare. They should be able to invest in their farms or a small business and invest in savings to help them overcome shocks such as drought or disease.


Half Group $12,000

Invite 10 people to join you with a monthly gift of $35 to empower a half group of children and let chariots find the funding for the other half! Choose the country closest to your heart and when you reach your goal, you will be invited to meet the group of children you empowered!

Full Group of children $24,000

It only takes 20 people giving $35/month to empower a group of 60-100 children! Choose the country closest to your heart and when you reach your goal, you will be invited to meet the group of children you empowered!

Empower a Children Family $1,000

Give a children family of 3-4 all the tools they need to become empowered and never need charity again.

Any Amount

You set your goal amount and we promise to be there to help every step of the journey!

 Your support provides a future for families and whole communities.

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Families pass on the knowledge and your donation creates a sustainable future for generations to come.


Every family who receives a gift from chariots of mercy foundation promises to pass on a gift to another family in need. Whether it’s the first female calf, seeds, saplings or skills, each gift starts a chain of giving that continues to grow and grow. Importantly, they become donors themselves, restoring their dignity and pride.

Our approach to poverty reduction is simple and effective and the difference your support will make will produce visible and tangible results from day one. It is not unusual to see dramatic changes in the health and wellbeing of the families in the chariots of mercy foundation programme within a matter of months – it is a truly inspirational journey to share.

Whatever you are able to leave will make a big difference to our work in Kenya, giving hope for the future.