Chariots of mercy foundation has a defined partnership process which it follows when engaging new partners or evaluating existing partnerships. This has four main stages:

  1. Scoping and Building – This involves scoping out the project (need/problem/ change) that is being sought); identifying the resources needed; identifying roles; identifying structures; planning the project. The result of this phase is the Partnership Agreement.
  2. Managing and Maintaining – This involves the implementing the project; managing the project cycle and reporting progress against agreed performance criteria.
  3. Reviewing and Revising – Continuous Evaluation – Chariots of mercy foundation encourages ongoing evaluation of its partnerships and is very receptive to feedback. Regularly Chariots of mercy foundation’s partners are invited to attend partnership seminars where they evaluate the impact of the partnership and look at ways of strengthening partnerships going forward. These seminars also give partners the opportunity to meet other partners and learn from each other.
  4. Sustaining Outcomes– from the earliest stages of identifying potential groups that may become partners, Chariots of mercy foundation is focused on building capacity. In time, this becomes a key element of ensuring the greater overall sustainability of interventions, along with well-structured programs, shared ownership, accountability and strong leaders.
  5. Exiting Partnerships – timelines are agreed at the initial stages and this includes a

Review schedule and a plan for exiting either on completion of the objectives or due to other factors.

Finally, chariots of mercy foundation will NOT engage in any partnership with any organization that may cause chariots of mercy foundation to compromise its principles.



Public Relations

Strives to achieve high levels of positive public exposure in a cost-effective, responsible manner. We commit to cover our publicity expenses with minimum impact chariots of mercy foundation   funds. In our publicity materials, we will emphasize our guiding philosophy – that both the giver and the receiver of a gift are benefited


Chariots of mercy foundation   is NOT sponsored or endorsed by any religious or political organization. At every level of our programs and administration, we accept and encourage the participation of all without regard to race, language, gender, or religion. At the same time, we respect the right of donors to specify how their donation will be used if they so desire; some of our programs may therefore be restricted to specific groups.


Quiet Service

People engaged in this work do so because of a desire to serve, rather than to be recognized. Anyone involved with chariots of mercy foundation is discouraged from taking any personal credit for success or service and is encouraged to give credit to the Lord and direct attention to the chariots of mercy foundation organization. The work is bigger than any specific person or persons. There are occasions where some personal recognition will further the work of the organization. In these cases, the individual(s) is requested to respond in a way as to promote a spirit of service and support of those we serve, not of self-aggrandizement.


Teach Them Correct Principles and They Govern Themselves 

Chariots of mercy foundation have standard processes to implement our various programs. We base these processes on principles of self-reliance, sustainability, and respect for the dignity of the individual, comprehensive rural development, affirmative action for women and children for support of the traditional nuclear family. This includes family-friendly policies so that children can be part of an environment where they can experience love and trust and learn how to deal well with other people.



The Common Thread of Discipleship

Every outreach of chariots of mercy foundation, whether education sponsorship, feeding the hungry, vocational outreach, or medical care, is accompanied with Biblical teaching and spiritual encouragement in the sharing of joyous life in Christ. We know that nourishing the physical needs of the people we serve is not the ultimate goal. By being built up in love, we long to see them fed spiritually and restored into right relationship with God.

Our team sees every outreach as an opportunity to answer the call of Jesus to go and make disciples. The mentors working in our Education sponsorship Outreach as well as in the community does not expect to work solely as socials workers. Their very necessary purpose on our team is to truly love and disciple the children and families that we serve. They seek out relationships with the intended goal of seeing disciples being made in the homes and schools of Kenya and this is merely one example of how each of our members seeks to first see the Cross of Jesus in how we serve others