We are looking for you

Do you like to travel? Do you care about people? Do you love a challenge? Do you like to step outside of your comfort zone and experience something new? Do you care about global development and wonder why in some parts of the world people have to struggle hard just to survive? Have you always wanted to do something about it?

If the answer is yes, then your time – your energy – your skills – your motivation and your enquiring mind could make a difference to people’s lives in Kenya this year.

The communities in rural Kenya face many challenges in their daily lives. Chariots of mercy has been working with these communities and supporting them in their efforts since 2009.

People are at the heart of what the work is about. The aim is to create better futures by providing an environment of support, skills and knowledge that local people can work with and focus on their needs especially around better health, improved opportunities for education, clean water and economic empowerment.

Throughout the year, staff and volunteers in Kenya work on community developmentprograms on the grounds which are tackling these issues. Chariots of mercy volunteer programme provide you with the opportunity to add to the work being done by stepping on board with these communities. Work alongside them in a spirit of partnership, share your skills and your knowledge with them, and gain a unique insight into the problems and solutions of living in an area so different to your part of the world.

Harambee is a Swahili word which means ‘working together’ and this is what volunteering with Chariots of mercy is all about. We have no enough time to change the world but enough time to change your way of looking at it. This is a chance to use your skills to help make changes to peoples’ lives and to explore hands on for yourself an understanding of global development issues. It is also an opportunity to learn new skills.

The work done on Harambee varies depending on what the communities are working on at the time but it is always based on supporting the main areas of health, education, clean water and economic empowerment. For example –

Volunteers help with facilitating community-based courses for example – Wilderness First Aid; Business trainings; Life skills Peer Education and Maternal Health Courses.

They work in schools on the Healthy Schools Program with students and teachers who are making school a healthier place to be by educating on health issues and building washrooms and latrines.

They work with the Public Health office on Outreach clinics which provide vaccination and health checks for people living far from health clinics and hospitals.

They work with local community health workers to make homes a healthier place to be by making improvements like installing smokeless stoves.

Go with an open mind, a flexible nature and a willingness to help. Share the experience with team mates who start out as strangers and become close friends and local people who will amaze you with their positive attitude, perseverance and ingenuity. Come home with a wealth of memories, a personally enriching experience and a whole new perspective on life.

We are looking for people with the following skills:

  • Office work – computer literate people to help with presentations, fundraising groups, etc.

Admin/secretarial skills
Fluent in English (speak and write)
And if possible, an additional language to help with our global guests

  • Nurse/Doctor/Medical Skills – basic medical knowledge

To assist us on medical camps during our missions and outreach.

We organize various kinds of health camps to benefit people from all walks of life particularly socially and economically backward

To work with the local community nurse, offer advice and show proper handling skills etc
we would love to have volunteers who are currently studying in the medical profession


To work with our local teacher, advising on effective lesson plans and ways to teach that encourage the children’s imagination and thinking
Any educational teaching skills
Kindergarten and/or Primary school teachers


  • Farming background/knowledge (both working with agriculture and animals) – to assists local communities in on farming …..like

Planting, harvesting etc
suggestions and ideas on ideal crops and the best farm animals that would most benefit the community and society at large

Childcare workers

To work with the local Mothers helping them show love, attention and a team spirit amongst the children.
Teach/explain to the young parents how best to deal with problems that may arise with the children.

  • Encourage/teach the children to develop relationships amongst each other
  • Assist with problems that may crop up at school or at home

Help to communicate with the children
Teach them manners and life skills
Keep them clean, cut their nails etc
Knowledge of psychology/sociology (not essential but welcome).

Obviously one person will not have all these skills. Nor does a volunteer have to have a specific university degree. The need is for the volunteer(s) to have had some experience, great attitude, passion and motivation to pass these skills on to our local staff.

It is also preferable that volunteers (no matter what skills they have or what job/ role they have come to do) spend some time with the children.

We also would prefer if the volunteers organize their timetable with us, to allow the most effective use of our time and theirs.

Volunteers are an essential part of chariot’s development and we gratefully appreciate all of you who contact us to offer your time and expertise – helping chariot and its little Angels develop for a brighter & promising future. THANK YOU.