Chariots Of Mercy Foundation was formed by Ben and Ann from Nairobi Kenya.

The organization, based in Nairobi, feeds,empowers educates and encourages the orphaned, poor and vulnerable in the country of Kenya.

In 2013, we learned about an epidemic present in sub-Sahara Africa that still exists today. Oftentimes, parents and/or guardians are forced to give up their guardianship to orphanages simply because they’re unable to provide the most basic needs for their children: food, medical care, and education. Children who have living, healthy family members can and do become orphans overnight.


The core of what we do is found in Kenya, Africa.

Our stated mission is to live out the love of Jesus by educating and empowering the people of Kenya and the communities we serve.

Our work in Kenya includes relief work (keeping people alive) to development work (helping people live better, more productive and satisfying lives)—all while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ at every turn in our journey  Bottom of Form Bottom of Form


To live out the love of Jesus by educating and empowering the people of Africa and the communities we serve.(Proverbs 22:6)
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That every person we serve would know Christ and make Him known, resulting in transformed lives, restored relationships, and changed communities.
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Chariot of mercy foundation will, inspire and add value to the lives of the children and youth who face life challenges making them responsible members of an empowered community
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Girls for Girls views the education of girls and young women as a fundamental human right.

If a girl is educated:

  • She has better knowledge and skills including economic skills.
  • She can make more informed decisions about her health.
  • She can build her self-esteem
  • She marries when she chooses.
  • She has a greater understanding of health issues, and so raises a healthy family

Girls for Girls aim to improve access to affordable sanitary products for school going girls


We are looking for you

Do you like to travel? Do you care about people? Do you love a challenge? Do you like to step outside of your comfort zone and experience something new? Do you care about global development and wonder why in some parts of the world people have to struggle hard just to survive? Have you always wanted to do something about it?

If the answer is yes, then your time – your energy – your skills – your motivation and your enquiring mind could make a difference to people’s lives in Kenya this year.

“No girl should ever miss a day of school because of lack of access to affordable hygienic sanitary products”