Chariots of mercy foundation has on-going daily needs, which we can meet with the help our partners and friends. Your kind donations make it possible for us to ensure that our children have a safe home environment and loving upbringing, with all the necessities that the privileged so often take for granted without even a thought.

We also would like to have the financial possibilities to increase the number of children we are taking care of, becoming a bigger family!

Below we have listed also our urgent needs and special projects:

we urgently need to buy a van to use in our outreach to interior rural Kenya. The van should be 4WD to allow us go even deeper the country rural areas.

we need to improve healthcare for the children

Medical equipment-

The local  Clinic   provides  basic healthcare services to the whole community serving around 200 locals per day . Village Clinic makes sure that beneficiaries receive acute and emergency medical services at the most reasonable cost in the local area. The clinics emphasizes on health education, prevention, treatment, vaccination, and nutrition education for mothers and their children.

Considering the remoteness and lack of medical facilities in the area, it is difficult to provide proper medical attention to the community that suffers from common illnesses such as:

Malnutrition in children

Eye, skin and scalp infections

Anemia in women (possibly due to malnutrition)

Upper respiratory infections


Typhoid fever

Complications and death in women from childbirth, (possibly due to lack of adequate obstetric services)

In line with this we are in dare need of

portable BP machines (manual type)


portable pulse oximeters

thermometers (rapid read type)

medication transport bag

ambu bags

Boxes of disposable gloves ( med and lg)


Gauze bandages and wrap

Medical tape (reg. and paper)

Ace bandages

Tongue depressors

Lancets and strips for glucometers

Rolls of paper for exam tables

Hand sanitizer

Chlorox wipes

Delivery kits.

Basic non-expired medicines:


Creams (antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-insecticidal)


Metabolics (metformin)

Paper/charting supplies

Hanging files


Sewing machines-for making school uniforms for the children in need and also very important

Re-usable sanitary towels to be used by our growing girls,

Kids sponsors-to keep a child in class and save them from mental poverty mainly bought by lack of education –this will cost USD 150per year.

Brick making machines&building materials to assist us build simple classes putting roofs on top of children with no classes.

Stationeries and children bibles – (children reading book, writing material, teaching aid etc)

Projector and generator- film crusades attract the whole village and this could be used to reach to many through the Swahili Jesus film- this is the best outreach methodology used in interior Africa .it has been proven effective.


A picture is worth 1000 words to capture our moments serving we will need a camera that can  take still photos and record happenings.

Cloths and shoes

It may be basic need but most of the kids we meet have no cloths – we need cloths for from age’s 2-teenagers-

Water tanks

In some areas we visit lack of water is major- water tanks could help the community harvest and store water for use when rains fail.

Believing God for

Own land where we can have our own center- office and later have our own school, rescue center and technical college (all things are possible).