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Partnering With Chariots of Mercy Foundation in Kenya 

Chariots of mercy foundation affirm the need to remain involved with and/or partner with other non-governmental organizations to facilitate the accomplishment of its development objectives. These associations are needed in order to ensure that appropriate levels of knowledge and experience are brought to every aspect of chariots of mercy foundations projects.

We recognize that our development efforts cannot be successful in the long-term without advocating child-friendly and family-friendly national and international policy changes in Africa.


Our Partnership Policy

A chariot of mercy foundation Partnership Framework has a number of core principles on which it bases its partnerships:

  • A shared vision of development – chariots of mercy foundation and its partners believe that all citizens should have equal access to resources, services and power, with particular priority being given to the needs of the poorest, most marginalized and most vulnerable people.

  • Participation – chariots of mercy foundation s partnerships are based on the participatory approach to development and are based on self-identified needs.

  • An agreed overall strategy – partners agree this for the particular intervention that is being implemented.

  • Mutual accountability and trust – chariots of mercy foundation is accountable to its partners and in turn they are accountable to chariots of mercy foundation. There is full transparency in reporting and accountability to the donors and to the beneficiaries as the primary focus of the partnership. Accountability processes and tools are agreed in the beginning of a partnership and included in the Partnership Agreements. Honesty is required of all partners and of chariots of mercy foundation A mutual commitment to long-term change – chariots of mercy foundation and its partners recognize that development is a long-term process, and significant positive change in terms of development outcomes for all involved can take years to achieve.

  • Realistic expectations – chariots of mercy foundation expectations of a partnership are realistic and set at a level that reflects the current capacity of chariots of mercy foundation and the partner.

  • Clear roles and responsibilities – chariots of mercy foundation Partnership Agreements have clearly set out roles and responsibilities which are agreed by all partners. Chariots of mercy foundation partnership Agreements can include Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) and Contract Agreements.

  • Flexible and adaptable to change – chariots of mercy foundation  recognizes that the context in which it and its partner works can change significantly and often quite suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances.   Allowances are made in chariots of mercy foundation Partnership Agreements to take such changes into account.

  • Organizational & Cultural Differences – chariots of mercy foundation acknowledges that partners can have different ways of work or organization, but have sufficient common ground in terms of vision, values and strategy to allow them to work together with respect to the cultures involved.

  • Delivering positive change – chariots of mercy foundation believes that the ultimate aim of a partnership is to deliver real and lasting benefits with the intended beneficiaries of the work undertaken by the partnership.

  • Equality and shared responsibilities – all of chariots of mercy foundation partnerships are built on a shared contribution to bringing about change, and ensure the sustainability of the outcomes. Partner contributions may be in the form of labor, goods in kind, financial resources or expertise with mutual accountabilities. Regardless of the value of the contributions, all partners are treated equally.

  • Learning – chariots of mercy foundation believes that we can all learn from working in partnership with each other. This learning can in turn be used to improve global understanding and build friendships and relationships between countries and people.

  • Process and products – in some partnerships, the focus is on the process of learning, sharing and building relationships rather than concrete outputs. Chariots of mercy foundation values the processes involved as much as physical products.

Partnership Process

Chariots of mercy foundation has a defined partnership process which it follows when engaging new partners, or evaluating existing partnerships. This has four main stages:

  1. Scoping and Building – This involves scoping out the project (need/problem/ change) that is being sought); identifying the resources needed; identifying roles; identifying structures; planning the project. The result of this phase is the Partnership Agreement. (Memorandum of Understanding).

  2. Managing and Maintaining – This involves the implementing the project; managing the project cycle and reporting progress against agreed performance criteria.

  3. Reviewing and Revising - Continuous Evaluation – Chariots of mercy foundation encourages ongoing evaluation of its partnerships and is very receptive to feedback. Regularly Chariots of mercy foundation’s partners are invited to attend partnership seminars where they evaluate the impact of the partnership, and look at ways of strengthening partnerships going forward. These seminars also give partners the opportunity to meet other partners and learn from each other.

  4. Sustaining Outcomes – from the earliest stages of identifying potential groups that may become partners, Chariots of mercy foundation is focused on building capacity. In time, this becomes a key element of ensuring the greater overall sustainability of interventions, along with well structured programs, shared ownership, accountability and strong leaders.

  5. Exiting Partnerships – timelines are agreed at the initial stages and this includes a review schedule and a plan for exiting either on completion of the objectives or due to other factors.

Finally, chariots of mercy foundation will NOT engage in any partnership with any organization that may cause chariots of mercy foundation to compromise its principles.

If you  would like to patner with us talk to us.

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